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      My English name is jack, from Chinese. I’m a student, 19 years old.
      Using server 2008 is already 1 year, from beta2 to msdn edition. I think this os is much better. Server 2008 DC is my primary os, and also have server 03 ,Ubuntu 8 in my laptop.
      Some questions:
      1. I can’t feel any different between open and close superfetch, except boot time is longer. Is right?
      2. System boot will use 2 minutes, have some configuration can make it’s faster? I use boot log, but i can’t find what is unuseful.

      My computer is HP nx6330
      Core 2 Duo @ 2GHz
      2GB DDR2
      ATI mobility X1300 128MB
      hitachi 160GB

      Sorry for My English, it is very pool.

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        Hello Jack, welcome on the Win2008Workstation.com forums! 🙂
        1. Superfetch loads programs to memory in advance so when you start them they don’t have to be loaded from the (relative slow) harddisk when starting them. I don’t know when Superfetch starts loading these programs, but from your case we can conclude these are loaded while or right after booting the system. Here is a benchmark of the SuperFetch and ReadyBoost functions by Tom’s Hardware. That might give you some more information about the results of enabling Superfetch.
        2. I also found that just after the installation the boot time was very short, but now it is getting slower. This is a Windows common problem, but you can try to get it faster again by finetuning services, autoruns and other slowing-down applications using Sysinternals Autoruns.

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