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      Hey All:

      Age: 25
      Interests: music, books, security, programing, Gaming [BDS] FTW!!!, Networking, RF/wifi, modding, shooting, survivalist stuff, ect.
      Experience: 4 years in IT, 8 years as your average geek.(late bloomer) :mrgreen:
      Current Job: Digital Records Manager and Cataloger for a NE Archive.

      I saw the /. post on this project and thought it was great. I was looking for a solid OS to replace XP for gaming that wasn’t vista (eww). I’m a *nix user outside of gaming and mostly play with networking, RF/wifi security. I also hang out on the HAK.5 forums, though this handle is new so there is only 1 post under it. Other then that I’m just looking forward to hanging out here, watching the project develop, and contributing if and when I can.


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        Hey, welcome on the Windows Workstation 2008 forums! You have a nice profile and it’s good to see that more people have interest in the security of computers! 🙂

        See you around! 😉

        Greetings, Arris

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