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      A few things about myself:
      – Location: Finland
      – Occupation: Student
      – Age: 17 (18 on 6th of May)
      – Hobbies: Rollerskating

      I have 3 PC’s I maintain at home (My own, sisters and my server).

      I have been “working” with computers for a while (about 8-9 years) now, doing all sorts of stuff.
      My first PC was one of those old 33MHz PC’s where you have one of those “Turbo” buttons on the front and you get huge performance boost by pressing it!
      Back then I didn’t understand much but one day I decided to take the thing apart, just to see whats inside.
      I ended up taking off the IDE cables, power cables etc and then figuring the next few hours why it didn’t start up after putting everything back together. (The old IDE cables didn’t have those “jags” on them so you could plug them either way and it really wasn’t the first thing I would have thought to cause it.)
      After then I have slowly become more of a “professional” with computers.
      Even though I am a student, I often do computer related stuff for money (Installing new parts, operating systems, fixing stuff etc) for friends etc.
      I absolutely love solving problems if something doesn’t work and don’t just immediatly give up on it.

      Discovering Windows Server 2008 has given me absolutely fantastic time, trying to optimize the system to get the most out of it, see how fast it can perform and how awesome it just is.

      I hope to make a good addition here and hope to help any way possible I can.

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      Hello Stige,

      Welcome to the windows 2008 workstation forum.


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        Hey Stige,

        Welcome on the forum! Have fun tweaking and learning about Windows Server 2008 (workstation)! 😉

        Greetings, Arris

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