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      Race Driver GRID won’t work on Server 2008 Standard 32 bit

      I tried latest game patch, running in admin mode, running XP compatibility mode, disabling DEP, and I do have the gameux.dll installed.

      Nothing Works.


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      Try adding the “novirtual” option in the shortcut path.
      For example:
      before: F:GRIDGRID.exe
      after: F:GRIDGRID.exe -novirtual

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      Any other ideas on this, I just installed it, latest patch, having the same problem, the novirtual switch didn’t help.

      [edit] Actually don’t bother, people running the game on Vista and XP are having the same problem, so it’s not a Server 08 issue.

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      Well after much searching online, it seems this problem is caused by the version 1.2 update, and the solution I found that worked for me was to download the version 1.0 no cd patch from megagames, fixed the problem for me 😀

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