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      Hello to all! I just discovered this site while trying to find a way to get either AVG or Avast working on one of my machines running Server 2008. I have been a fan of the Windows 2008 Workstation for quite some time now, after using it at work, where I am a Network Administrator. Unfortunately, I don’t get to do all the crazy things to it on there that I do at home, so that is one of the reasons I converted.

      I run Server 2008 x64 on my main machine, with a Hyper-V installation of Windows 7, just to experiment.
      I also run Server 2008 on my laptop, but x86.

      Thanks for all the help in advance!

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        Hey, welcome at the Forums! Good to hear you are already using for a quite long time now and that you enjoy it. 🙂

        Hyper-V is a nice feature of Windows Server 2008 but sometimes for us homeusers it’s a problem that it can cause a big lag of performance.

        See you around! 😉


    Viewing 1 reply thread
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