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      I’ve been running Windows Server 2008 for a while now. Here’s an introduction post I made over on dreamspark. Here’s a link if anyone’s interested as well.

      Here’s some information on my computers that are both running windows server 2k8.

      Desktop / Workstation / Home Server / Developement Server / Toy
      Single Core AMD Processor 3200+
      1 gig of ram
      256mb ATI Radeon 9600 Pro
      Dual 19″ Monitors
      250gb HD

      HP Pavilion DV9934
      Core2 Processor Running @ 2.0
      4 gigs ram
      256mb dedicated video card (nvidia)
      17″ widescreen
      Typical HP goodies (webcam, dual microphones, lightscribe, etc)

      Abuse to be administered:
      – Daily Computing, Web Surfing, Gaming (BF2, Renegade, AOE3)
      – Web Design (Dreamweaver CS3)
      – Graphic / Print Design (Fireworks CS3)
      – Daily Note Taking / School Work (laptop)
      -Automated Backups of roughly 6 computers on my Cat6e home network (workstation)

      Initial Experience
      So far I can only call my experience with windows server 2008 a short one. I haven’t had the chance to work with it much or really try and push it. I know in the past doing print design on my desktop with windows xp I really had to be careful not to overload the thing or it would just start crawling and it wasn’t uncommon for it to restart under extreme loads.

      Installing windows server on my desktop was a breeze. There were very few issues at all. It was the typical install the OS, install the drivers, configure as needed and your set to go. The laptop was a little more challenging but mainly from my own mistake. I spent a good hour or two trying to get my wireless card working. Later I noticed I had downloaded the wrong wireless driver. My model of computer has two available. Other then the wireless issue I have 3 unknown hardware elements on the laptop. Every time I restart the computer windows shows a popup with a message saying unknown hardware has been added. It can’t identify it at all or find drivers for it(duh). So after hitting cancel the first time it pops up another 2 times. So right now I’m counting 3 pieces of hardware that aren’t present and accounted for. I will be checking into that further to find out exactly what they are. My best guess is that one is the webcam attached to the top of the screen on the laptop, another is the dual microphone setup and the last one is probably the detachable remote control.

      Shortly after getting my computer online(actually right after), one of my friends gave me a shout and told me I was coming over for a lan gaming night. We had 4 computers hooked up playing AOE3 and I have to say this thing opperated flawlessly! There were a few software tweeks necessary to get the game to start up. It was easy to fix and the solution was easy to find on google. So far I have found almost any issue can be solved by a quick google search. There’s quite a few sites going over the various issues and how to get past them so your computer basically resemebles windows vista.

      There’s more to come. This is the end of my first day with the new laptop and its been pretty good. I’ve had the desktop running windows server 2k8 for a while now and have yet to hit a snag their either. My main concerns are getting all my drivers in place and fixing any possible battery drain issues. The laptop will mainly be used with the power cord but I am registered for Pre-Medical at the University of Regina this upcoming fall semester. There isn’t guaranteed power access to all students. The combination on this computer isn’t very power friendly and how windows server handles that will be a test on its own.

      Comments or questions are welcomed. I hope to keep this as an ongoing review to help educate interested peers.


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        Hey Luke, welcome on the forums!
        Good to hear you got your Windows Server 2008 Workstation up and running and that you are enjoying it!

        See you around! 😉

        Greetings, Arris

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