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      Hey, I am Excessum, but feel free to call me Ex. 😀

      I am a rather experienced Windows XP user and a definite control freak. Everything on my PC has to be the way I like it. No dodgy background services, unless they are essential for the system stability and/or user experience, no unneeded software, no loose ends. I have been looking forward to making the grand switch to a x64 system for quite a while now, but Vista just did not seem to be the right option here due to the poor performance it provided and other issues, so after The Force manifested in front of me and presented a free Windows Server 2008 x64 Enterprise license, I did not hesitate to take it. While I was waiting for a window to open in my busy schedule in order to make preparations for the OS switch, I found out that my good old XP has gone ill with a nasty virus… which, as later turned out, was no other than the Conficker. And instead of looking for remedies, cleaning my system and doing everything possible to contain the spread of this despicable disease, I re-formatted my HDD and soon after found myself looking at the Server Manager that popped up upon the first boot of my new OS. =)

      So right now I am doing everything possible to make the best out of this new experience and I have to admit that it has been going pretty well. My Server 2008 works like a charm. All of my essential work software installed successfully and works just as well as it did on my old setup and the Conficker did not ruin my schedule, which is outstanding 😀

      Anywho, so far WS’08 has proven itself as a great workstation OS, and I enjoy the new options it provides =)

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      That’s a lucky break for you Ex, free copy of Windows Server 😯

      Welcome to the boards 😀 I hope my extremely-detailed-and-oftenly-elaborated posts don;t make your head explode! :geek:

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        Hey Excessum, nice introduction!

        I’m glad you found / like Windows Workstation 2008. 🙂

        See you around! 😉

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