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      I’m not an Aussie, but I can think of no better way than “Good on ya mates” to thank everyone here and all throughout the Windows Server 2008 Workstation community for all the work that’s been done to illustrate how Windows Server 2008 can be used as a kick @ss workstation and to guide others through the process of making that type of system for themselves. Now if only Micro$oft would sell Win2K8 at a price that the average Joe could afford… without having to use their company’s MSDN subscription. 😉

      I’m a Yank from this side of the lake who appreciates people from all walks of life and all corners of the world. I’m a computer hardware and software tech by trade who works in Windows, Linux, and Mac environments. I appreciate the benefits of all platforms and absolutely admire interoperability and cross-platform solutions. I enjoy building, troubleshooting, and helping others. Prior to building my x86 Win2K8 Workstation, my previous obsession was/is building an EFI Hackint0sh Leopard system, which is also a kick @ss system… a system with the specs of a $3K Mac Pro built at the price of a Mac Mini. My Hackint0sh currently runs WinXP in Parallels and will also run x64 Win2K8 in Parallels or VMware this weekend. If you’re interested, check out: and

      So far, I have the following apps successfully running on my Win2K8 Workstation. I’ll keep you updated as I install others:

        ClamWin Free Antivirus .92
        Firefox with Greasemonkey, Web Developer Toolbar, Tab Mix Plus, Torbutton, WebMail Notifier, GMarks, GSpace, & Google Browser Sync
        iTunes with QuickTime 7.4.1
        VLC Player .8.6e
        Spybot Search & Destroy
        LogMeIn Free 4.0.680
        Codec Pack All-In-1
        Media Player Classic
        7-Zip 4.55 beta
        DVD Decrypter
        DVD Shrink 3.2
        Tor Vidalia Bundle (Tor, Vidalia 0.0.16, Qt 4.3.2)
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      I would like to welcome you to the community. It will be great to have your experience on board.

      I spent only 34 days in Darwin, but really loved Australia. If it were not for the gun grabbers I would move there. No worries, right!

      Triel – Global Moderator

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      Welcome to you !

      Have fun and thank you to share your knowledges, expertises and opinions in the sections.

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