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      I have been using win2k8 as a workstation for a while now, and absolutely love it.

      That being said, i’m following a security practice of using a limited (non-admin) account for everyday usage. That being said, I don’t mind inputting my admin password to make major changes, but so far win2k8 has been prompting even when I want to delete a shortcut from my desktop.

      How can I give privileges to a certain user, and define what I want him/her to be able to do and not do? That way I can still use a limited account, but not so limited that I have to constantly input the admin password. I know I could just add the user to the power users group or somet of that ilk, but is there a way to explicitly edit what permissions of a user?

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      Did you disabled UAC for this user?

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      try give this user “Power User” Priv’

Viewing 2 reply threads
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