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      Hi all,

      I have recently tried to install Windows Server 2K8 on my machine.
      The machines specs are :
      Intel Q9550
      Asus Strike II Formula
      4GB DDR 1066Mhz RAM
      GeForce 9800GX2

      Everything goes all fine and dandy during installation and I have no problems whatsoever.
      Right up untill when I download the 32-bit Vista Nvidia drivers for my gfx card. (I’m running windows server 2k8 32-bit).

      When I run the driver installation, it finishes up saying that it has not made any changes to the system, but when I look in the Device Manager it shows my gfx card as a 9800GX2, but it still has a yellow icon over it and states that some resources are not available and therefore the card will not work as intended.

      I also have 2 Unknowns left in the Device Manager where I am quite certain that at least one of them is related to my gfx card (PCI-to-PCI bridge) but also here I run into issues finding drivers for this.

      Uninstalling the failed Nvidia drivers and trying to reinstall them didn’t help either sadly.

      This results in that when I try to start up any game it comes up and states that it is unable to find a compatible display device, which of course is quite logical, considering the gfx card is not quite able to do what it’s supposed to because of the drivers not being installed properly.

      So I just wanted to hear if anyone else out there was running Windows Server 2K8 with a GeForce 9800GX2 and whether they have any issues or have been able to solve it and can possibly let me know what I can do to get around this.

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      Are you using the latest Vista 32-bit drivers? Should be 180.43, I also have a 9800GX2 and on 64-bit these drivers work perfectly for me. I didn’t have to do any strange install methods, just double clicked the installer and they installed perfectly.

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      Hey Steve,

      Yes I went to the Nvidia site and downloaded several different Vista 32-bit drivers
      178.24 – which is the latest release version
      175.19 – just to try a different version than the 178 version
      180.43 – which is still Beta, but I thought what the heck

      Of course I completely uninstalled the drivers again before trying with a new driver, but it’s all been no joy experiences.

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      Ok, I think we can safely close this little issue.

      I found out that my top PCI-Express slot is busted.

      I put the 9800GX2 in the bottom one just to test (Why hadn’t I thought of that before is a myth to me) and it installed everything just fine… just needed to tweak it a little so that it would stop turning off my screen due to switching to the tv-out and stuff, but that was easy enough.

      Anyways, RMA’ing the board.

      Sorry for wasting everyone’s time, but i’m glad I found out that it’s not the gfx card but the motherboard.

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      Ouch, mobo issues are never fun to deal with. 🙁
      Best of luck on the RMA.

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