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      Does somebody got working this two things in Server 2008 r2 RC?
      I really want to move to 2008 r2, but I like Games Explorer, which I can’t found for r2. That’s the only thing, why I’m still using Win 2008 instead of Win 2008 r2…

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      dont see why gameux.dll wouldnt work, at least the game I know that asked for it works normally, the games explorer is another story… it installed and the links got there but they wouldnt execute and after a while only a empty folder that says “x items” is what was left…

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      Well, I tried to install gameux.dll from Windows 7 RC and it works well.
      So, I made an installer (which is included as attachment) for it… 😉

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      I also got Windows 7 Aero (Improved Windows Vista Aero mouse pointers) mouse pointers working…

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      I probably got “Game Controllers” Control Panel from Windows 7 working too. 😉

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      thank you, I had to do the gameux.dll manually cause the installer said the module “WindowsSystem32gameux.dll” and “WindowsSysWOW64gameux.dll” failed to load tho.

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      AsciiWolf thanks for all the files there working great do you have the game explorer from win 7 ?

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      @malik22 wrote:

      do you have the game explorer from win 7 ?

      No. I can’t get this damn thing working…
      I tried everything but the “Games” menu doesn’t appear in Start menu and typing “Games” in the explorer window run web search of “Games” instead of Games Explorer… 🙁

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