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      This fix applies to 2012 R2, although it should also work for 2012 (though you may well need to lift the files from Win8 first)

      It does the same thing as the Game Explorer fix for 2008 R2, although I didn’t actually get the Games Explorer itself working (yet) it is enough to fix Just Cause 2.

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      Useful, thanks for the fix again Olipro! 🙂

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      It worked, Thanks for the fix!

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      Sorry for reviving this topic, but It’s not working for me, copied the folders, merged the registry files, regsvr for both, and I ran AsciiWolf’s fix for 2008R2 (I think that’s the fix from the read me). I don’t get an error anymore, game just closes a few seconds after start. Any other tips?

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