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      I try to download the new driver but that did not work because the card made for europe uk engelish version of card. I can only add 2 or 3 gargets if add more the above disappear, Is there a way around it?

      Graphic card is Nvidia FX GeForce 5200 but there only a RC2 release driver for the card? that might why i have problem with the gargets?

      NVIDIA has released the following WHQL certified drivers for use with Windows Vista RC2 that will enable you to test the basic features and capabilities of the new operating system. Windows Vista RC2 and NVIDIA drivers are still Beta and are not officially supported.

      Release Highlights:

      * These drivers are only compatible with Windows Vista RC2 build 5744 and higher, and should not be used with other versions of Windows Vista.
      * Includes the new NVIDIA Control Panel. Please visit the NVIDIA Control Panel website for more information.
      * Includes OpenGL driver for compatibility testing.
      * Improved application compatibility and performance.
      * For a full list of fixes issues, please view the Release Notes.

      Windows Vista x86 RC2

      ForceWare Release 95
      Version: 96.85
      Release Date: October 17, 2006
      WHQL Driver

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        Here you have the Vista x86 (32bit) driverpackage for the Geforce 5 FX Series:
        And here is the Vista x64 (64bit) driverpackage:

        The drivers for your graphics card are available via where you choose the following options:
        Product Type: Geforce
        Product Series: Geforce 5 FX Series
        Operating System: Windows Vista 32bit | Windows Vista 64bit (depending on what architecture you are using)
        Language: Your choice! Doesn’t really matter.

        Hope installing a new graphics driver also solves your (weird) gadgets problem!

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