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      Was thinking you may want to add this to the manual since the Command line client for FTP doesnt work as it did before due to Advanced Firewall Security in Server 2008.

      To fix this DATA (inbound connection from server after making a data based request to the server) response failure.

      FTP command line Client – If using the FTP command line client the application will fail when data connection is being established by the server(ACTIVE Mode). This is due to the Firewall security rules in server 2008. To fix this bring up Local Security Policies and open up the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security and edit the properties. Setting the Domain Firewall policy to off will allow the inbound connection from the server if your companies firewalls will allow a FTP based connection inbound after your box has made the PORT command to the server.

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        Thanks for this information! I might add this to some section in the manual later, but for now people can find it on the forum.

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