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      Im from Germany. I use Win Server 2k8 for three month and changed it to a great workstation.

      Thanx, that you publish things like the cursors and the game panel. I search this things in german language. The sidebar is already in Germany. I changed the name of the cursors.

      Tonight i search the game panel in germany. I talk with people that installed Vista, so they send me the files.

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        Hey, welcome on the win2k8workstation forums! If you have a German Vista installation it’s very easy to just copy all de-DE (or whatever they call it) folders to your Windows 2008 pc. If you don’t have an other (suitable) pc and doesn’t want to have a dual-boot you can easily install a virtualization application like Hyper-V (only included in win2k8 x64), Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 or one of the many non-Microsoft applications.

        See you around! 😉

        Greetings, Arris

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        Sorry… i search people who have installed it.

        That files are copyrighted, whats about that? You post it here for free? No fear about microsoft?

        When I have all the files, i will post it.

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        welcome to the site I just got here as well ! 😉 Sun just released an awesome VM machine software so try that out. I am going to once I get my new pc. it’s totally free unlike MSVPC and VMware. Virtualbox was good according to networkworld or some site like that too.

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