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      Hi guys,
      I just finished installing WS2008 x64 on my machine (see signature for details) and I wanted to share some of the leasons learned during the process.

      So far I managed to install all the drivers from the vendors’ websites and everything seems to be working fine although it is to early to say since I haven’t tested games for example.
      These are the details of the drivers installed:

      Samsung SyncMaster 245B: 245B monitor driver (ver.1.0) (the link is to long to paste it here 🙁 )
      Creative X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty Pro series: Driver version 2.15.0006 (
      Graphics Card: nVidia GeForce 8800GTS: Driver version 175.19 (
      Mobo/Lan drivers: in my case from Gigabyte using the drivers for Vista x64
      Chipset: I used the drivers from Intel’s Website

      So far I managed to install without any problems/tweakes or extra work the following applications:
      – iTunes and QuickTime
      – Skype v3.8
      – Firefox 3
      – Java: although the x64 version of the JDK installs without problems, Eclipse doesn’t work with that one because there is no official version of Eclipse for this platform. So, I had to use the JDK for 32bits
      – Nero: I tried the version 6.6 but it failed to install so now I have to see what other version I can install 🙁
      – Office 2003
      – ACDSee Pro 2
      – other small applications that I also had running on XP Pro x64

      Applications with minor issues:
      – MSN Live messenger: The Microsoft’s site version doesn’t install directly so I have to use the .msi file directly and It worked (there is a post on this forum about this issue)

      The WS 2008 Converter worked like a charm!!

      As an extra thought, I think next time I install everything (hopefully in 240 days) I will try the Standard version of the Server since the extra functionality of the Enterprise is not needed. Using the aero Vista theme the machine with no extra applications running consumes ~800 Mb of RAM.

      I’m stil installing and configuring some stuff so I will extend this post later.


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      Nero 6.6 does not support vista/server 2008 😉
      I think version 7+ should be fine.

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      > Nero 6.6 does not support vista/server 2008 😉
      > I think version 7+ should be fine.

      that’s right, the 6.6 doesn’t work. I downloaded the trial version of the and it works perfect.

      Other apps I have running so far:

      – MSN Live messenger 8.5.1302: I had to install it following the instructions in one the posts in this forum (“editing” the .msi file)
      – Office 2007 works fine too
      – Vuze
      – Symantec Corporate edition 10.2.0 (for Vista x64)
      – Logitech Quickcam
      – I solved the problem of WMP 11 not playing DVDs by installing one of the drivers mentioned in the M$’s website (the codecs came embedded with one of my laptops’s DVD players CD)
      – Acrobat 8

      I’ll keep testing and reporting

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