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        Hi !

        The latest testresults from Matousec:

        2013-03-20: New results have been published for:

        eScan Internet Security Suite 11.0.1139.1277
        K7 TotalSecurity 2013
        Outpost Security Suite Pro 8.0.4164.639.1856
        Total Defense Internet Security Suite

        “Great job Outpost! Outpost Security Suite Pro 8 is again better than its previous version.
        With today’s 90% score, Outpost Security Suite Pro have become the second product to reach the Excellent level of protection in Proactive Security Challenge 64.
        It is now just 2 % behind the absolute and long-term leader of our challenge – Comodo Internet Security.

        Total Defense Internet Security Suite also went up, this time from 21% score to 31 %.
        Although this is better than most of the tested products, it is still way to far from being considered as at least Good.
        There are too many holes and also bugs in this product.
        Quite a lot of work will be needed to make it usable and secure at least on a basic level.

        K7 TotalSecurity with its today’s 9 % and eScan Internet Security Suite with 5 % belong among products that you should not rely on if a security based on behavior blocking is important for you, just pick something else.

        Top of the list:
        Comodo Internet Security Premium 6.0.260739.2674 92 %
        Outpost Security Suite Pro 8.0.4164.639.1856 90 %

        Both reached the Excellent level.
        Outpost got 4 additional %-units compared to the previous version tested in 2012-03-20.
        Outpost is closing in on Comodo….
        Comodo is free, Outpost is paid software.
        Note my remarks below regarding the previous version of Comodo.

        Where is your firewall / HIPS on that list…?

        Also, remember what i posted in february:
        Comodo firewall v6 has a new UI without the usual right-click functions on the taskbar-icon.
        The options to change security-level, fx. from “Safe” to “Training” has been removed in v6, which means that it is more complicated to switch levels,
        something that is usually needed everytime you want to install new software, otherwise you´ll get a lot of popups during the installation.
        The new UI is confusing and it would be better if Comodo offered the user a choice between the old and new UI.

        I tested Comodo firewall on WS2012, just the HIPS (Defence+) as there is no (official) support for WS2012.
        So i used it together with Windows Firewall, with Comodo´s firewall disabled.
        I will post some testresults in another thread.

        Comodo lost 2% in Matousec´s test which means that there is 2 good reasons not to upgrade to v6….
        1. v5 has better protection
        2. v6 has a new UI without the usual right-click functions of the taskbar-icon

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