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      I hope someone can help me. I try to get running Firefox and Thunderbird under Win 2008.
      Both Installations were sucessfully but it’s not possible to run the apps. I think the failure is by both the same.
      I get only the Mozilla-failure-window by both but there is no information why it’s chrashed.
      DEP is also disabled. Under Vista 64 both programs are running without problems.

      The 64bit editions Minefield and shredder runs but so I have no german language and the 32bit addons are also not running.

      What’s the problem ? Have I also to install something or to disable something ?
      Or is it not possible to run this apps under Win08, i found it not in the compatibility list.
      Has someone experience with this ?

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        Firefox 2.6.x – 3.0.x 32bit is already running fine for a year on my Windows Server 2008 x64 and I never heard problems about Firefox nor Thunderbird before so it should be some configuration problem.

        Does the 32bit version of Firefox/Thunderbird install into C:Program Files (x86) in stead of into C:Program Files? In an x64 Windows all 32bit applications should be installed in the C:Program Files (x86) directory.

        You can try to find out why the application crashes by running Sysinternals Process Monitor where you add as filter: Process Name | is | firefox.exe | then | include. After setting the filter, start the logging, run Firefox and stop the logging after Firefox crashes. Now examine the results and look for entries that try to load a dll but don’t have SUCCESS in the Result column.

        Hope this leads you to the problem! 🙂

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        Ok I try this later with Processmonitor.
        The path is C:Program Files (x86) that’s ok.
        The portable versions showed the same behaviour. So it must be a systematic problem. Must I install some roles or so for using
        internet ?? I don’t thinks so, because Internet-Explorer works.

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