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      i have recently switched to windows 2008 workstation.
      after installing fifa online 2, i could not play.

      the error message is:
      You need to install DirectX 9.0c to run FIFA{0}. Locate the DirectX
      folder on the disc and select the dxsetup excecutable.

      i tried installing DriectX10. didn’t work.
      tried installing 9.0c, didn’t work too.

      btw, there are no discs it is a F2P online game. I comes in a .exe setup file.

      is there any solutions?
      Thanks in advance. :mrgreen:

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        I dowloaded and installed FO2-Central-EN-20080812-Setup.exe from and after starting the game it wanted to update ~3000 files so I waited. After that the game started and runs fine.

        Have you applied all fixes mentioned in the Games article?
        * Disable DEP
        * Missing gameux.dll
        * Missing xinput9_1_0.dll
        * dmusic.inf

        It should work then because I also did nothing more, nothing less! 😉

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        Thanks for testing it for me personally!!

        * dmusic.inf was the solution.

        i didn’t know that there are other things you need to do other then installing gameux.dll ><

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          No problem, I’m glad you got it working! 😉

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