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      My 2k8 workstation that had worked flawlessly for 6+ weeks has lost all audio. Memory failure and BSOD two days ago led me to replace the DRAM sticks. The system is working but I have lost all audio.

      I looked through this forum and didn’t find anyone with quite the same issue. On the net, there are multiple reports of the exact same condition occurring on Vista x64, and recommended fixes. This first one suggests deleting the registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftOleDefaultAccessPermission
      But this key does not exist in Server 2008. Is there a different relevant key for Server 2008?

      The same post also suggests the following:
      1 Go to control panel
      2. Double-Click on the Sound Icon
      3. Single-click the Speakers to highlight them
      4. Click on Properties (bottom right corner)
      5. Go to the Enhancements Tab and Click on it
      6. Now click “Disable All Sound Effects”
      7. Click OK and you should be good to go!

      However, this doesn’t work either. (And the interface differs from #6 to read ‘Disable all Enhancements’)

      This site describes a number of steps to iteratively follow, changing settings in the Sound control panel, disabling/reenabling the audio hardware in BIOS settings, and successive reboots. I followed these steps and experimented with no luck.

      Microsoft issued a hotfix KB930883 for this exact issue for Vista. Unfortunately this will not run/install on 2008.

      I’m afraid I ‘m running out of options. Other persons who were unable to resolve this on Vista64 had to ultimately reinstall from scratch. I’d prefer to avoid doing a reinstall if possible.

      This computer is built on an ASUS M3N-HT mobo, AMD Phenom 9850 quad core, 2x2GB DDR2. I started with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Beta before making the workstation mods.

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