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      This is my first post, so I wanted to say fantastic job on the Windows Server 2008 Workstation Converter. It is an absolute time saver.

      I do have one little glitch. Since running the converter, when I start the workstation, Explorer.exe will not start on its own. I have to go into task manager and run it manually. After that everything runs with no problems. Has anyone got a clue as to how to resolve this issue?

      I have already checked HKLMSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon to make sure that explorer.exe is the default shell. The valuse data is Explorer.exe C:WINDOWScsrss.exe. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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        The key you mentioned is also the only key I can currently think of. The value of Shell should be “explorer.exe” in stead of “Explorer.exe C:WINDOWScsrss.exe“.
        Here are the contents of my Winlogon key, just to compare.

        Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

        [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionWinlogon]
        "VmApplet"="rundll32 shell32,Control_RunDLL "sysdm.cpl""
        "Background"="0 0 0"

        Hope changing the value of Shell will solve your problem.


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        Thank you for the post. I figured it out a couple hours after I posted my question.

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        explorer.exe not starting on Boot is caused by the third party theme DLL being installed with the server 2008 converter, I had the same problem.

        so don’t install the third party theme DLL and you will be fine.

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        Can you post the exact version of windows server 2008 you are using? So far i tested the retail version of windows server x86/x64 also the versions that can be downloaded from the microsoft website and i was unable to reproduce the bug. Even the SP2 x64 beta is working. I think its something related to the dll file itself and not the way its applied because all the converter is doing is to take ownership of uxtheme.dll,themeui.dll and shsvcs.dll and then copy the new patched files.
        Keep in mind that if you use some sort of activation crack this can cause alot of problems of this kind too.
        If you ever have problems after the uxtheme patch is applied all you have to do is to rename uxtheme.dll.backup,themeui.dll.backup and shsvcs.dll.backup back to their original names.

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