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      Installed server 2008 2 days ago and it has been working fine with everything so far except for Eve online.
      The problem i am having is that whenever i start eve online, the network dies for everything on the computer.
      Streaming music stops, i can’t access webpages, i can’t access the routers web interface etc etc.
      I also can not log in to eve, it just says “checking status”.
      When closing the eve client again everything is back up within 4-5 seconds.
      At first i thought it was the firewall so i added eve, no change, so i disabled firewall, no change.
      So i tried running eve as admin, no change, as xp sp2 compatibility mode, no change.
      As i have been running eve lots of times on vista and windows 7 on the same computer, same wlan, same router etc it has nothing to do with port forwarding etc.

      It feels as it is some kind of network priority that is messing it up but i have no clue as to what it could be or how to fix it.
      I also checked the event logs but they showed nothing.

      Im running a workstation on WLAN, hardware doesnt really matter as i has worked before and works fine in other games (steam, wc3 etc).
      The wlan connection is a bit on the weak side as the walls here are thick as hell, so it might be that it drains all of the power out of it, but i can usually download at 1MB/sec and eve should not drain THAT much….

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        That’s a very weird problem! Maybe you can take a look at the network traffic when having an idle system and starting Eve Online. Possible network sniffers are Wireshark and Packetyzer.

        If you don’t see anything suspicious consider trying it at a clean installation of Windows Server 2008 with only all drivers and the Eve Online game installed. This just to make sure the problem isn’t a consequence of any other program that is installed.

        Also start a ping command before you start the game and watch if you still receive packets while Eve Online is connecting. To let it ping Google eternally start the Command Prompt (Start -> Run -> cmd.exe) and enter the command: ping -t http://www.google.com. It should receive packets now. Look at the results of the ping after you started Eve Online.

        Hope this helps you to solve this problem…

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        I suspect its a problem with something else than EVE or 2008. I’m running EVE for a year now on several computers all running 2008 editions, with all kinds of networking (ethernet, wi-fi, 3g) and it has never ceased to work for a second.

        The advice Arris has given you seems very good to me: try to debug your networking stack with different methods to isolate the exact cause of the problem. You might want to try running EVE on different network interfaces, with all others turned off in device manager. Do all of them exhibit the same effect?

        It might also help to search for and install the latest drivers for all your hardware, not just the network cards.

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