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      Hi all,

      I still work on getting speech recognition to work with Server 2008 R2.

      The next step would be registering SpeechUX.dll using this command:
      regsvr32 c:windowssystem32speechspeechuxSpeechUX.dll

      It gave me the following error (might not be the exact wording, I had to translate it to english):
      The module has been successfully loaded. Call to DllRegisterServer failed. Error code 0x80070716.

      The only result of googling this error code was: “the ressource name specified cannot be found in the image file”. 😮 ??????
      Does someone has a clue what is going wrong here and how I can fix it?

      This Dll has definitely not been registered before. Trying to unregister it nonetheless results in the same message with error code 0x8002801c which to my knowledge means that this dll isn’t registered and thus can’t be unregistered.

      Regards, viola

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      OK, got some additional information:
      I didn’t mention yet it’s a 64bit installation. Don’t know whether this makes any difference.

      I have played around a bit with procmon.
      When trying to register speechux.dll procmon reports a lot of SUCCESS, nothing suspicious happens (at least to my novice eyes). The process (regsvr32) exits with exit status 5, though. (access denied? but to what and why?)

      I have compared this results with registering speechuxcpl.dll (in the same directory) which works fine. There the exit status is 0 as I would have expected.

      The last operation before the process exists is a QueryNameInformationFile on file C:WindowsSystem32apisetschema.dll which is reported as successful in both cases.

      I also tried to register other dlls, all from the same directory. Registration of speechuxps.dll also works, sptip.dll gives the same error as speechux.dll.

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      Nobody can help me?

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        I don’t know how to easily see what goes wrong within the DllRegisterServer-function of that dll other than disassembling and debugging it using for example IDA, but you can try to find out what actually need to be registered by using the [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1154:1igbiayr]Class Enumerator[/localurl:1igbiayr] I created. I did a testrun at Windows 7 x64 as I didn’t have access to a Windows Vista x64 (virtual) machine, and I got the following output:

        If you export these keys from the Vista machine and import them in the Windows Server 2008 registry you probably applied (most of) the changes DllRegisterServer would have done.

        Good luck and I hope this pushes you into the right direction! 🙂


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        Arris, thanks for your answer.

        Meanwhile I actually got it working.
        Being able to read and actually perform this stunt sometimes helps. 🙄
        I read the post of commodore in one more time and stumbled across his remark about speechux.dll.

        So I search my way through the CLSID entries of speechux.dll and sptip.dll on a Win7 machine and exported them to the server. And Bingo, it worked. Or rather, as asbtime on the same thread has found out, too, the UI isn’t working yet. But – like asbtime – I don’t care, I don’t need the UI, I’m just using speech recognition from code. And this works fine now.

        I attached the registry entries to this post, maybe somebody else has a use for them.

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          I’m glad to hear you got it working and thanks for posting the .reg-files! 🙂 If anyone wishes to get the User Interface working, you might find some useful information in the [localurl=viewtopic.php?f=11&t=230:bg9qjvm1]Speech Recognition topic[/localurl:bg9qjvm1] in the Windows Server 2008 Wish List and apply it to the Windows 7 -> R2 migration. :geek:

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