emule 0.49b hangs on exit (WS2008 Standard 32-bit)

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      recently installed WS 2008 Standard x86 on my laptop and, following your wonderfull guide, converted it to the workstation without any problem :D.

      What did not work so far is emule (0.49b), which just hangs on exit (after the connection has been established and it worked for some time). 😥
      I can’t even kill the process and have to shut down / restart the server.

      The event viewer just states the fact without revealing further information of what could have gone wrong.

      Is there anything I could do? 🙄

      Would appreciate any suggestion.

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        How does your Stack of Emule.exe look in Sysinternals Process Explorer?

        1. Run Emule.
        2. Download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer.
        3. Doubleclick the Emule.exe process and go to the Threads tab.
        4. Click the Stack button.

        Maybe you can find out some more information using this tool.

        btw: just tested this p2p application and it runs without any problems on my pc.

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        Hi Arris,

        thank you very much for your hint.
        It looks like I need to first get to know how to troubleshoot with the process explorer.
        My first attempt has not brought up anything positive.
        At first, based on what I found in the stack I thought that it is the PC Tools Antivirus that is to blame.
        Uninstalled it and after running the emule for 20 minutes was able to close it without issues.
        But next time it ran for several hours and the symptons were there again.

        I have already found a couple of resources of how to troubleshoot applications with the process explorer but they are rather short,
        so I would appreciate if you or someone else could nudge me in the right direction.

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          Mark Russinovich (creator of almost all Sysinternals Tools) posted the steps to a solution with a problem quite similar to your problem on his Blog:
          Mark’s Blog: The Case of the Slooooow System

          Hope you can fix the problem using Sysinternals Process Explorer and Process Monitor!

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