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      Hey. I just installed r2 from the june 11 iso.
      Seems great, but there’s one thing that is a bit curious.

      I made a user account, according to the guide, and i have enabled the w7 theme on both the user and the admin account. (and “adjust for best appearance” in “performance options…)
      Now, in W7 there’s a nice “lighting” effect on icons in the taskbar (from open windows etc.) – an effect that kind of “follows” the mouse curser, when you drag it around over a particular icon.
      I get this effect when I am logged in as admin, but not when I’m logged in as user.
      Also, I noticed that the taskbar has a more grey-bluish charachter when logged in as admin, and a more bluish charachter for the user.
      Both use the same theme (windows 7 aero theme).

      So the question is, how do I get this effect to work in the user account too?

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