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      This is the one minor irritation i’ve had ever since I installed Server 2008.

      I have no idea what causes it, but every so often, my screen with flash black twice in quick succession, and i’ll get an error message saying that dwm.exe has stopped working. When i look at the event log, the file ntdll.dll is mentioned.

      Now, this happens with aero fully turned on, with aero basic turned on, and even without any special visual effects turned on.

      It does not happen if I uninstall the desktop experience feature.

      The strange thing is, some times it won’t happen, some days it will happen once every few hours, and some other times it will have every 10 minutes (that’s the most annoying). But I can’t correlate it to any particular piece of software or activity.

      Has anyone else had this?

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        If possible submit the Error Report once and look if there is a solution for it. You can also look if you have the most recent drivers for your graphics accelerator; I think this driver and the dwm.exe process are communicating all the time, even if you the Windows Classic theme. If that doesn’t work search the Microsoft Technet – Windows Vista IT Pro forums to see if there are more people with this problem. If you can’t find anything similar, you can post a new topic with all problem details; I expect that the Microsoft Technet Professionals can help you further.

        Good luck!

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        So far no one has replied to my post 🙁

        I do have the latest ati drivers – i don’t know what the problem could be 🙁

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          Is the problem installation-dependent or haven’t you installed your current OS more than once on this machine? It might be gone if you reinstall your OS, but that’s quite a lot of work and you aren’t even sure if that will solve your problem.

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          it happened when i did a clean install of server 32 bit about 6 months ago, I never got rid of the problem.

          I was hoping this clean install of x64 would solve it but it hasn’t 🙁

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