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      I had installed 1008 server on my primary hd.
      then i installed Xp professional,but in boot menu,if i choose 2008,I get a missing or corrupt hal.dll.
      what do i do?

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      Did you install XP and Server 2008 on seperate partitions (drive letters)?

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      yes I installed on different drives and hd

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        I think if you install Windows Server 2008 after you installed Windows XP (or any other previous/equal version of Windows) it will be automatically included in the boot menu. If you install Windows XP after you have installed Windows Server 2008, the XP installation will not automatically update the boot configuration and add itself, but instead just overwrite the current bootloader or corrupt it.

        To fix your bootloader boot from the Windows Server 2008 dvd and…
        1. click Repair your computer after you clicked Next in the first screen. (Step 2 of Installing Windows Server 2008 page).
        2. Now select your Windows Server 2008 installation and click Next.
        3. Click the Command Prompt option.
        4. Execute the bootrec /FixMbr and bootrec /FixBoot commands. (Bootrec.exe Support page)

        If that doesn’t work, also try the bcdedit tool in the Command Prompt explained in the previous steps or in the Command Prompt in Windows Server 2008 to add the Windows XP entry in the boot entries again.

        Good luck!

    Viewing 3 reply threads
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