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      I’ve tried to search the forums for my Problem but I’m not sure what exactly I am looking for.

      Situation is:

      I installed Win2k8 R2 on my Lenovo x200. Everything but the bluetooth is working(but I don’t need it so that doesn’t matter).

      Whenever i don’t need my Notebook, i send it to standby BUT after an uptime of about 2 days it starts acting weird:
      -Scrolling via the middle mousebutton stops working
      -WLAN is broken(it doesn’t find any networks and suggest to use the troubleshooting Wizard)
      -screen resolution goes to 600×800
      -sometimes audio stops working

      It doesn’t bring any errors, it just stops working. Sending it to standby again and waking it up doesn’t help. So i have to restart it every 2 days.

      I’m wondering if anybody else is experiencing similar problems or why this happens. Is it hardware of software side problem?

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