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      I’m a noob. If I’m going to go from XP to Windows Server 2008, which drivers for my computer would I need to have installed in order to get everything working properly?

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      get the lastest driver u could cos old driver may make thge boottime longer

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        Windows Server 2008 has already built-in drivers for many hardware devices but it can be that for some essential devices you need to download and install the driver manually first in order to get the device working. You can prepare the Windows 2008 (driver) installation by searching and downloading all needed Vista drivers in advance using the device names you can find using Lavalys Everest which is described in Method 2 of the Installation page in the Manual.

        Hope this answers your question! 🙂

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        Vista Drivers (and even some XP drivers depending on the hardware) will work fine on Server 2008

        for example I installed the XP drivers to a very old sound card and it Blue Screened on me, so I had to enable the onboard sound of my motherboard and thankfully the XP drivers from it worked.

        also don’t be afraid of the warning popups for unsigned drivers, install them anyway

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