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      I have installed the 32bit version on an HPslimline s3320f machine that was running Vista Home Premium. The machine has nvidia geforce 6350 video, plus LAN, wireless LAN, USB modem, TV tuner, etc. I downloaded from the HPwebsite all of the Vista 32bit driver packages for all of the devices listed for this model PC. The only driver that successfully installed was the motherboard driver. All other drivers failed to install and Windows2008 issued the following error message: “Your system does not meet the minimum requirements for this update. Update has been canceled (9998).” When I look in device manager (or in the Everest Ultimate), all of the hardware has been assigned MS defaults using generic MS drivers. Windows is not recognizing the hardware that is installed correctly – the only device that is not registering anything (has the yellow exclamation in Device Manager) is the TV tuner. I first would like to get the nvidia graphics card working so I can change the resolution and the monitor refresh to get rid of the flicker (my monitor is a Sony Trinitron and Windows says it is a nonPNP generic monitor. Thanks for some guidance on how to get the drivers installed.

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        You can try to extract the downloaded (probably .exe autounpackers) using 7-Zip and install them manually using the Device Manager (Method 2 of the Driver page in the Manual).

        Hope you can extract the installers, then this way of installing the drivers is possible. If you cannot extract them, try downloading the drivers from the manufacturers website or using the method in the Installing Drivers page in the manual.

        Good luck!

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