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      I read on some forums that people had gotten dreamscene to work with 2008 but with no instructions on how they did. I found a few web pages about installing Dreamscene on versions of Vista that didn’t come with it so I downloaded the zip, ran the batch. It copied some dll’s, renamed the them ones and copied new ones and merged some registry entries. After rebooting when you try to right click and personalize it says (page cannot be loaded). I tried copying back my renamed dll’s but I still get the same message.

      Windows 2008 doesn’t happen to come with system restore like XP or Vista does it?

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      Only “System Restore” there is on 2008 is the Backup function under Server Manager but I really don’t know how it works so cant help you out with that one.
      Give it a try maybe 😉

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      Thanks – if someone figures out how to port it over from Vista that would be great – I realize it is too late for me now but it is a good feature to have.

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