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      For all who want to use DreamScene: Download http://rapidshare.com/files/151158593/DreamScene.7z
      First you copy the dreamscene.dll you the system32 folder. Then you have to search “your” dreamscene.dll.mui (via Google or on a Vista Ultimate in your langauge or any source you know) and copy it to your MUI folder inside system32. Then run the REG file from my package. Reboot. Then you can use DreamScene MPEGs as Wallpaper.
      This files aren’t made by me. I only tested them and it works. In the original package there was also a cracked themui.dll and themeui.dll.mui. But the last two are from Vista. In Server 2008 you don’t need them. I only tested it with the cracked dreamscene.dll, never with the original file. Perhaps someone could test it and give feedback. If the original will work, Patches aren’t need anymore …

      EDIT: The original DLL doesn’t work. Perhaps one of you can find out what the differences are … So in future there could be a patch feature in the converter …

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      This has already been posted somewhere before, and it has an installer and requires no manual copying and stuff.

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      And where can “we” find this installer? 😉

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      This is the one I used –


      Works 100%. It doesnt mention though that you have to restart after install. It’s nothing special – pretty much the same as what you describe, only this one has a batch file haha!

      BTW, Dreamscene WMV’s/MPG’s go into the folder %WinDir%WebWindows DreamScene
      eg, C:WindowsWebWindows DreamScene
      …that installer will create that folder for you.

      Putting files there will allow them to come up in the “Personalization” section under Wallpapers.

      BUT. I use Windowblinds 6 on my PC – and for some reason this completely messed my Windowblinds up. Don’t know why. But it does replace the server2k8 themeui.dll with a Vista Ultimate themeui.dll so maybe it has something to do with that for some reason. I tried dreamscene, sure it looks very pretty, but I decided to keep Windowblinds instead 😉

      Thanks for posting this though McStarfighter!

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      You’ll have to scroll down through the post there to find a new link for the file. The original link at the top has been taken down. Here’s the new link: http://depositfiles.com/es/files/846266

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