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      I installed enterprise instead of the standard version that is part of my action pack. Does anybody know if I can do an in place downgrade to server 2008 standard or should I just re-install everything? Thanks.

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      why what is the problem with enterprise ?

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      if u wanna active it with standard edition key

      replace the token.dat file with standard token.dat file

      u could find it in the the disk of the installation install.wim

      u could do it with the same idea like the crack to server 2008 with token.dat of vista

      its working on the same idea

      the edition that appear will changed to standard


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      Is this also possible with R2? If so, where do I find the tokens.dat?


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      I think it should work in R2…

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      I know this is an old topic. Can someone explain to me how to change the tokes.dat file. I grabbed the standard one from the .iso and tried to replace my enterprise one with it but the activation still says I have enterprise. What do I need to do?

      I have r2 btw.

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      Sorry. After a bit of experimenting it didn’t work for me, so I installed Standard.

      Good luck anyway!

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