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        I just installed Win2008 Std on a Dell M1330 and I dont see sleep as an option under any of the Power Options. Is there something that needs to be done to ‘enable’ sleep mode? I didnt notice anything particular in the guide.


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        This should help. There seems to be an issue getting it to display a button in the start menu. I use hotkey’s to tell my laptop to sleep. I believe it’s this thread that also goes over how to create a “sleep” desktop icon which you could put in quick launch or your start menu.


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          Thanks for the reply… While this helps somewhat if we want to manually put the PC to sleep, it doesn’t address going to sleep/hibernate automatically. Especially when running win2008 on a laptop this is a pretty important feature to have.

          I thought I’ve seen some screenshots around here that show these options in the power options menu… Did anyone have to do anything special to get it to show up??

          Thanks again.

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