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      I have been having trouble getting any game to work with the Dolphin emulator:

      Can’t create opengl renderer, You might be missing some required opengl extensions, check the logs for more info.

      The logs don’t contain anything, although there is another message about “error loading: can’t find file” …

      Any ideas?

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      You downloaded the 64-bit version for Windows right?


      I tried the emulator on 32-bit Windows Server 2008 Enterprise it seems to load fine, though I don’t have any ISOS/images of any Gamecube/Wii games to actually try it out.

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      I tried this on 2008R2 Std and got it to work fine, was curious to see the high-res graphics in Cave Story Wii but was disappointed by slow emulation and bad sound (the latter is just how the game was shipped).

      EDIT: Just tried latest SVN and Cave Story is now working beautifully at 60fps. 🙂

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      Try using the DX9 or DX10 renderer. I have had pretty good luck with those.

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