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      Windows 2k8, like Vista, comes with DX10, so there is no need to install DX9 on top of it. Any DX9 will work just fine with DX10.


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      I mention it because Cyberlink DVD suite, wouldn t install complained of no Direct9c, whereas it installs fine on Vista.

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      I have ran into a problem I am trying to work out with Nero 7.9.6. It installed with a couple errors (I think due to DX9). Then when I went to use the DVD portion it looked for DirectDraw. Told me I needed to start DirectDraw before I could use it. When I went into DXDIAG I found it and other features were missing. I am trying to figure it out and will post when I get it working.

      If someone knows how to start the features of DX please let me know. I have yet to find a way.

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      I just figured why DX features were not loading. I was running Win2k8 on VMware 6 and it was causing them to be shut down. It had something to do with the way VMware displays the virtual workstation. I now it loaded on a new drive and the features are working. I am getting ready to start installing programs and games.

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