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      I am trying to watch videos using itunes for my iphone. My problem is that when i watch the video its very choppy and un-watchable. After looking around i think that it could be the fact that server 2008 doesn’t have directx 8, but that’s just a hunch.

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      I blame iTunes… 😈

      Nothing to do with DirectX 8 being missing, of this I am certain. What you are thinking of is “DirectShow” which yes, is a component of DirectX, but there is nothing DirectX8/9/XP can do better than DirectX10/Vista/2008 in regards to DirectShow – everything is there and in fact faster.

      I think it’s either a flaw in iTunes, or a codec issue. If it is a High-Definition file, make sure you have a fast PC and/or decent hardware acceleration.

      EDIT: Found this article at and it seems that iTunes has nothing to do with DirectShow and uses Quicktime to render instead. So it literally has nothing to do with DirectX, it’s just using a simple overlay mixer to make it actually appear, while QuickTime handles everything under the hood. So I guess i correct my first statement to something else…

      I blame Quicktime… 😈

      In that article, it’s not the first time i’ve read this – Apple iTunes/Quicktime are less stable on Windows than on OSX! Ah well… All i can suggest is try Windows Media Player to see if it is still very choppy. Then at least you know if it’s a Quicktime Decoder issue or something else – and I may be able to help further =)

      Also, is the video hi-def?

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