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      Ok… I’ve tried the several workarounds before this and all failed with a “Device can’t start because ATI has figured out what you’re doing and is not murdering everyone you love…” error, followed immediately by ATI engineers trying to plant explosives under my car for my lack of regard for their artificial compatibility restrictions. Ok, so maybe I’m dramatizing it a little…

      Keep in mind that I am fortunate enough to have a small partition where Windows 7 Enterprise is installed where I could properly install the drivers and use the HD 6970 without any workarounds. I installed it into Windows 7 and downloaded a program called Double Driver, found here: http://www.boozet.org/dd.htm

      Install it and back up the ATI drivers. Follow the readme.txt file. It’s really all self-explanatory. By default it will want to save it to your Documents folder in it’s own subdirectory (I can’t remember the name). Make sure the unzipped app and it’s backup folder are in places accessible by both Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 (like thumb drive or something).

      Boot into Windows Server 2008 R2. It will either tell you that your card is a sin against your lord Jesus Christ or that it’s simply a VGA Adapter.

      Open Double Driver and restore your drivers. Double Driver doesn’t know or care what version of Windows stuff came from or is going to. Windows driver install utility will come up and install the drivers.

      Reboot, open a beer, and be happy.

      For anyone with an HD 6970 I’d be happy to share my backup folder, but it’s like ~ 225MB so hit me up on Skype at james.t.bolin if you want to help me find a way to get the folder to you.

      This *should* (meaning I personally cannot rationalize a reason why it wouldn’t) work for any Radeon card.

      I also understand that most people do NOT normally keep two versions of Windows on their computers, especially a Windows Server 2008 and Windows 7 dual boot environment, but I was lucky enough to acquire licenses for both and keep that Win7 environment around for troubleshooting situations like this.

      Also, I’m awful at checking forums, so if you want to contact me, see the skype info contained within.

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      I contacted original author of this thread and he uploaded it to megaupload for me:
      so here you go if anyone interested:

      kudos to jbolin!

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