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      I’ve been using R2 as a workstation for about 6 months. A few irritants, but generally a good experience. I’m using in a small domain, and log in as a user with admin rights.

      Somewhere along the way, Devices and Printers will not load for my user account. The window will launch, but it will appear to be searching with the green bar, but never loads.

      Devices and printers works fine when logged in as the local admin.

      I’ve searched for days, yet have found no answer which works. Routes I’ve taken:

      1. Bluetooth: I don’t have any devices, nor is there a bluetooth stack in server, from what I understand. I also don’t see how it would work for admin, but not user.
      2. IE8 dll registration: I have IE9. I still did the registration, with no luck.
      3. sfc /scannow: finds no problems.

      So it appears to be either a corruption, or a rights issue. I’ve tried deleting and re-installing my profile, but that didn’t work. There is nothing in the event viewer that is tipping me off to a solution.

      Does anyone have any other ideas??? This is crazy, and if I don’t find an answer soon, I’m going back to 7.

      Thanks in advance for any ideas,

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