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      Hey guys.
      I am not sure if I posted in the right forum as I am new to the forums. My question is that I have finally switched to server 2008 x64 edition. I have everything working fine besides the fact that I dont have media player. I used the workstation convertor and also tried to do it manuall but as you can see in the screenshot no “desktop experience” is shown in the list. Can someone help me? I have also tried to install wmp 11 from microsoft’s website but it doesnt install.

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      Windows Media Player should already be installed. Check C:Program FilesWindows Media Player and look for wmplayer.exe and make a shortcut to it. At least, I have Server 2008 Standard [32-bit] and I didn’t have to install it seperately. On that note, how did you even find a download of Windows Media Player 11 for Vista? I thought it doesn’t exist as it is bundled with Vista, the only one for download is for Windows XP… somebody correct me if i’m wrong there.

      As for the Desktop Experience Rating not appearing, this is by design. It is something on the wishlist, which also has a workaround [running the performance assessment tool from the command line] but getting the GUI elements there is a low priority as of right now, I think, as there is much more useful features of Vista in high demand [such as Media Center].

      But it is something on my to-do list friend, and probably wont take too long [as soon as I figure out where, exactly, it is]. Sorry for the bad news 😥

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        You have installed Microsoft HPC Server 2008. HPC Server doesn’t contain the Desktop Experience Serverrole. You will need to install the “normal” Windows Server 2008 from

        More info about Desktop Experience in Windows HPC Server here:
        Microsoft Technet Forums: Where did the Desktop Experience Go?

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        Oh my gosh… i’m so very sorry, I must have been intoxicated and/or up extremely late when I wrote this! Luckily you corrected my spam Arris 😆 cheers!

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