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      I installed 2008 64bit on a desktop using the info on this site, thanks to all the people who provided it.
      I am soon getting a Dell XPS 1530, and want to run 2008 64bit on it. Has anyone done this and waht problems can I expect. My concerns are thing like the Dell Media direct, Bluetooth and the Travel Remote Control.



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      Media Direct can damage your Harddisks MBR.
      Do not use it

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      I have little issue running it on an m1530, except for the wireless network adapter (1395). I ended up buying a new one for $12. The old one’s driver would constantly crash (you’d click close after the crash, and it would immediately crash again). The only thing I haven’t tried to make sure it works is the web cam. You can get the drivers for everything from

      I have had one strange problem on mine I’ve never heard of anyone mentioning before. On occasion, the start menu will stop working, and if I try to use the Windows+E key to bring up the explorer, I get a popup that says “Invalid Parameter”. Basically, the only option I have is hitting Ctrl-Alt-Del and logging out that way then logging back in and everything works fine.

      Another problem I’ve had is that if I stick a disk in the DVD drive and have DVD Shrink analyze the disk, then start to rip the disk I get an error, and the drive disappears from the system (no longer in the explorer or the hardware manager, and telling it to find new hardware doesn’t re-find it). The only way to fix this is to reboot the machine. I’ve found if I analyze the disk with DVD shrink, then eject the disk and reinsert it and then rip it, it works just fine. It seams this is a known issue in Vista, and was fixed in SP1, but doesn’t seam to be fixed in Server 2008, because I have all of the updates available for it that I can get through Windows Update.

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