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      Can’t seem to get sound to play with 2008 R2 on my E6410…tried the standard R2 drivers as well as the dell drivers for the IDT 92HDxxx HD Audio. Both end up with muffled, super slow sound. I’ve followed the directions with setting the priority and doing the reg hack for the responsiveness, but to no avail. Any ideas?

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      I have a Dell Latitude E5400 which uses the same driver model as yours (IDT 92HDxxx). The best thing I can tell you is to uninstall the IDT version of the driver using Device Manager and restart the computer. Use the default Windows 7 based driver that it automatically installs when you first installed it.

      First go to start, type in Device Manager and hit enter.
      Expand Sound,video, and game controllers
      Locate your IDT driver right click on it and hit uninstall. Be sure to click the little checkbox to remove the driver software so its gone for good. Restart your PC and let it install the default High Definition Audio driver.

      Now that your computer is restarted, ensure that High Definition Audio Driver is installed and proceed with these next steps.

      Right-click on the audio icon in the system tray and choose Playback Devices. Right click on your Speakers and choose Properties. Select the Advanced tab. Uncheck Give exclusive mode applications priority. This should enable sound acceleration. Hopefully it will fix some performance issues/audio stuttering. Please get rid of the IDT driver first its buggy as hell. I know from personal experience. My E5400 laptop with R2’s sound doesnt stutter at all so it shouldn’t on yours after this.

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      Gave that a try and still no joy. Same end result. I tried playing around with the responsiveness for giggles and that had no effect.

      Got any other ideas?

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      I’m thinking it may be video driver related. I have the Nvidia NVS 3100M card, and currently the generic VGA drivers are loaded (I must’ve missed them at some point); if I try to load the dell package, I have about 4 HD audio devices that change over to Nvidia HD audio devices. So at first I thought that would solve it, but then the computer wouldn’t finish booting upon restart. So into safe mode and remove the Nvidia drivers, then the computer boots again…

      Gonna see if I can find some different Nvidia drivers for the card (non dell).

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      After several attempts to get the Nvidia drivers installed, I’ve come to the realization that the Nvidia video drivers cannot be used in 2008R2, period. The Nvidia audio drivers that are packaged with them can be installed without any adverse effects, but it doesn’t help the audio out any.

      Thinking it may be time to go back to Win 7 Enterprise…weak suace…

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      Not true at all. You need to install the Desktop Experience feature in Server Manager first before you can install your display driver.

      First install Desktop Experience role. Restart. After installation is complete begin installation of your Nvidia Quadro NVS 3100M series chipset.

      This is your driver I believe?

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      Hi I having the very exactly problem with the NVS 3100m video driver running on a Dell E6410. Once I have it installed on R2, on reboot R2 hang with a blank screen. I am running the latest Nvidia driver. The version on Dell’s website has the same problem.

      Help and thanks.

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