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      Is there any way to change the name on the default admin account?

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      1) Right-Click My Computer > Manage
      2) Configuration > Local Users and Groups > Users
      3) Right click on “Administrator” > Rename


      Note that this is only an appearance and credential change, however folder paths will stay. Example – I always rename mine from “Administrator” to “Admin”. So the logon screen does say “Admin” as a user, and if I ever want to log in via network I have to put in the “Admin” as username, which is normal. However, the USERPROFILE path [and variable] is still located at C:UsersAdministrator and not C:UsersAdmin – this is mainly so all your registry and program configurations still work with the same user account. There is no downside to it otherwise, just something you should know beforehand. If you could even call that a downside… more like an FYI =P


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      Thanks for that 🙂

      I find it a pain because whenever you play a game or something it always sets your name as “Administrator”, and setting ownership is a pain when you have to type in “administrator” all the time too 😛

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      Yeah it’s long to type – hence why i change mine to admin =)

      Well glad I helped, enjoy!

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