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        Has anyone figured out how to easily make a custom Win2008 install CD that has a bunch of the “Vista-ized” features enabled/installed?

        This would be really useful for those of us needing to install this on several workstations!

        Thanks a bunch.

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        I would just add the customization app from this site onto my dvd image and then burn.

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          That doesn’t really save me any time at all. I have 10 laptops I need to rebuild nearly every 9-12 months and to make these tweaks every time I reinstall Win2008, and then further more for every user account that will be using each laptop (2-3 users) will take me much longer than if I can slipstream these changes directly into the original image.

          I know its possible as Ive done something similar for Windows XP based on guides over at site, I was just hoping someone had already whipped something together specific for Win2008.


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          If saving time is so important for you, install os on each laptop and create images using northon ghost for example. it will take a while, but later you’ll need 10 minutes to get system back with all settings and drivers.

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