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      After trying many times to patch the three .dll files with files specifically meant for VistaSP1, I am coming to the conlcusion that there is as yet no working way to get custom visual styles working properly on server 2008. After following the procedure of patching the uxtheme.dll and associated files and rebooting the pc – nothing happens. Still when you right click on a visual style and open it, it does not appear in the list of visual styles available to select.

      Tune up Styer which is included in tuneup utilities 2008 only half works – it produces lots of errors within dwm.exe which causes your screen to flash black briefly every so often (Which is irritating to say the least).

      Vistaglazz beta2 doesn’t work for me, it just produces a kernel error when i try to install it.

      So, has anyone got custom visual styles to work yet?

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      Check out this site for a uxtheme patch for Server 2008

      I found the patch one day while looking for one for Vista SP1 shortly after it was released.

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      Thanks for the LINK!
      But I have a question. I Have Windows 2008 Server Enterprise x64…and I have to replace the Files only in System32 or also in sysWOW64?!

      Nice Work with this Forum! 😀

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