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      Hi !

      I was just wondering if Members here are interested in custom R2 Workstation releases ?

      I ask this question because I have been working lately on 3 customs packs for R2 !

      I am not sure whether you are aquainted with following releases :

      * W7 xDark 3.7 RG – Codename : State of Independance
      * Re-Energized W7 Nucleus by Razorsedge from NewAge-OS
      * W7 Razorlight Bloodbath by Razordsedge too (not finished yet)

      Just Google them….. 😆

      Those releases are customized W7 releases with lots of modded DLL’s and the result is quite impressive and the stability too.

      I ported all dll’s for R2 and tested them on R2 Workstation.

      Result is quite interesting as your R2 will look like the W7 releases but it’s R2.

      Stability is not broken and the releases can be updated. I made also shell32.dll and explorer.exe fixes should Start Orb be removed after updates. No big deal since the same problem happens on W7 releases.

      In no way you can “go back” since we are not talking about imageres.dll moddig but some 70 dll’s for one releases and some 120 for the other one.

      Please let me know if you want me to post release or just regular $OEM$ folder for a regular R2 release. 😎


      ExpertUser 😉

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