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      i have a question to the new X-Fi Driver.
      I have the 32bit version of the server with 4 GB of Ram.

      All the old drivers have the 4GB ram bug with loud noise and crash.
      I know this solution:

      If you have 4GB of RAM in your computer and are running a 32 bit version of Server 2008 try this fix, it worked for me.
      – Start->Run->msconfig.exe
      – Boot Tab
      – Advanced Options
      – Check the maximum memory checkbox
      – Fill in 4096 as a value
      – Click OK 2x
      – Reboot the machine

      But if i do this, i only have 3,x GB Ram. This is no solution for me.

      My question is, if the new driver now works with 4GB on 32 Bit system? Anyone have experience?

      Thx, Bull

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      What are u talking 😯
      Yes, Vista 32Bit cannot allocate the full 4GB of Ram, but the Server 2008 32Bit can do it.
      And exactly that’s the problem, because the 32Bit driver cannot handle with 4GB Ram.

      My question was, if the new driver fix that bug.
      And NO instruction request in Physical Address Extension. 😈

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      Ah ok, sorry I misunderstood. I wasn’t aware that Server could address the full 4GB and just thought it was like Vista, which can only do 3.x or so and the rest is wasted. Just read it on MSDN and you’re right, sorry about that!

      So the driver is causing the system to not detect the full 4GB…

      I tried searching more on this, but everything was either years old or only about Windows XP problems. Furthermore, Creative Support or Creative Connect (see ) has absolutely no mention of any 4GB problem….

      It must have been fixed. Try it I guess. If your system still doesn’t say 4GB, try taking the soundcard out. If it still doesnt say 4GB, then your mainboard doesnt support proper hardware PAE [pre-brisbane core Athlons had this issue], or your BIOS settings aren’t properly set.

      Sorry, I don’t really know anything else to suggest apart from moving to x64…

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      Your apology is accepted 😀

      But i have no problem with 4GB Ram, because these work fine.

      I have problem with the soundcard in combination with the 4GB. These are the same problems with the first driver for Vista 64 an 4GB.

      However i should maybe try it to plug in the soundcard and install the new driver, cause it seems that no one can answer my question.
      But i’m sure it will not work 🙁

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      Yeah, sounds like your best bet.

      I think your question is more suited to a more popular forum though, there isn’t too many people on here. Remember – with drivers, Vista and 2008 are very very similar, so just tell them you have Vista 😉

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      OK. I tried it, and it DON’T work 😈

      That’s what i expected 🙁

      I pluged-in the card and installed the newest driver. After restart there was only loud noise while playing sound.
      After a view secondes Windows creashed with a BSOD.

      Damn Creative ❗

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      same problem here,

      My system config is:
      E6600 + DFI MB (P965 chipset)
      8G Ram
      Sound blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer

      I tried the latest driver from for Vista 32-bit..
      After I installed the driver…. all I heard is noise…. however…. with my on-board Realtek sound chips…. I have no problem at all… (I followed the guide for audio in here……)

      I guess it’s creative’s drivers problem….

      Is there any work around? Will 64-bit 2008 with 64-bit Vista driver works? I assume it’s the problem caused by PAE….

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      Yeah, running XP or Vista 32-bit with more than 3GB of RAM is not recommended by Microsoft, as you said – PAE can cause problems with some crappy software/drivers.

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