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      Name: Triel
      Age: 34
      Country: USA
      Interests: Hunting, Fishing, Electronics, PC’s (Windows and Linux), and Automotive Modifications.
      Computer Experience: To quate my brother (he is an MSCE IT Specialist), “You just like to break things just to see how to fix it”. I started out with a Dell Dimensia (Yeah that is what I call them) 8600. I really hated waiting on the phone for some guy to not listen to a word I had to say. So, I started taking my Dell apart from mainboard to OS. Then I realized, I no longer need Dell around my house. Off I went to build my first system. That was in 2001 and now I have built 20 or so custom PC’s. I have also torn Windows 2000, XP Home, XP Pro, Vista, Server 2003, and now Server 2008 apart at the seems. I would not say I really know what I am doing, but I am willing to break it to figure something out!
      Forum History: I have three forums up and running right now. All but one is for gaming. The other was going to be a PC hardware and software forum till I found myself out of time in the day (It is actually on Windows Server 2003 and runs on ASP).

      Now, lets see what we can do that Vista fell short on!

      Thanks to all that help others! If it weren’t for them I would not have a clue!

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      Hello Triel and welcome onboard.

      I hope members are going to come in the present section to introduce themselves !

      Thanks a lot for your precious help on this forum. 😎

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