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      I made great use of the Client for NFS in Vista for connecting to UNIX-like systems. Does anyone know where this is hiding in 2008? Also, sleep is working fine when not Hyper-Ving, but I can’t seem to get 2008 to give up the option for hibernation. Anyone know how to address this? Thanks. So far, I’m pleased with my Hyper-V workstation—and hope MS includes this functionality in the next version of Windows workstation.

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      Well, I found where the Client for NFS was hiding—it’s in the File Services role as Services for Network File System. With this addressed, anyone now know where the hibernate feature is hiding? Thanks.

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        I’m glad to hear you solved it! For more information about hibernation, see this topic.

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        Thank you Arris! “powercfg -h on” did the trick!

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