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      We have at work a legacy app we would like to host on a server. However, it check what operating system its run in and it gives out a message(self made in the application) that the OS is invalid. I used processmonitor to check what happens when i run the application. It does a “select * from win32_operatingsystem” and in there is probably checks the caption or name property since we can get it running on a normal desktop version of windows(same buildnumber).

      I also tried Applicationverifier with the highversionlie settings which did not work, since i have reason to believe it checks OS name or OS caption(Windows 7 Professional or equivalent).

      So my question is, does anybody know of a way to fake the information you get from win32_operatingsystem? Ie id like to be able to change the result i get from running this in powershell:

      get-wmiobject win32_operatingsystem | select-object name

      To something i specify.

      Any tips are helpful thanks!

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        I hope this isn’t too late to help but you might try using some of the tools available to make your Win32 application a portable application. There are both FOSS tools for doing this and commercial softwares like VMware ThinApp; what these tools do is compile the application file and registry dependencies, and optionally all version dependent libraries it requires into a single .exe runtime (or an .exe with a few binary files that contain everything the application needs). This actually works quite well for running some older 32-bit applications in newer 64-bit versions of Windows but may still require compatibility mod tweaks, and using tools like Application Verifier, and you’ll have to do the build process on a version of the OS the application actually runs on — and even then it may not work when you try to run it on a newer 64-bit version of Windows.

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          use -ExpandProperty
          or expression and label

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